Hiperlink designs libraries
and supplies resources.
Hiperlink was established in order to bring information sources and its users together in the printed and electronic area by the 15 years experienced, expert staff.

Our corporation aims to be a foundation that focuses on customer satisfaction, using the technology rapidly and securely, improving its infrastructure and educating its employees since its inception. Hiperlink firm submits adequate solutions for the needs with a consciousness rendering a service to provide information sources to the corporations and the individuals as the beginning of a synergy that continues for years.

Library Applications Hiperlink installs attentive turn key library, information center, archives and museum by providing the automation system, shelf, furniture and wherewithal for the needs of them. It rearranges and updates these kind of foundations which were already established.

Our firm which has professional librarianship experience supplies to all of the clients' (individual and institutional) needs with each kind of information sources' as BOOK and DVD. If wished, sources can be sent in formats like MARC21, MARCxml, Dublin Core, Mods and can be catalogued in Dewey and LC classification system and finally are listed by ending the technical operations (back label, barcode, brand,etc.) subject to international library standards. In the comprehension of the European Union Information Policy, various projects are arranged by the expert personnel in cultural studies, library, information center and archives.

Project Preparing and Advising We develop projects about social activities, library, information center, archive and documentation centers that are under European Union Information Policy with professional team.

Hiperlink provides consultancy and audit services for the Libraries, and Documentation, Information Center etc… Professional services include cataloging of informational sources in automation system in order to adapt our customers for international standarts and modern age.

Hiperlink Publishing has been founded in order to ease the works of authors, editors and provides great solutions for publishing industry. Meanwhile, Hiperlink Publishing is so respectful for Intellectual Property Law and authors rights.

In Turkey, it is hard to reach publications of university presses. Hiperlink gives great effort for researchers to reach the information resources by distributing academic publications.

Hiperkitap is a comprehensive Turkish e-book database that covers all fields of Turkish Literature and it is the first Turkish Online Library. It is designed and created for scientists, researcher, and project oriented students etc. to access to academic and relevant scientific information.

Further information:www.hiperkitap.com