15 October 2013
Frankfurt Book Fair 9-13 October 2013
Serdar Katipoglu and Harun Karakus joined the Frankfurt Book Fair. They have present Hiperkitap-Ebscohost at the Ebsco stand.
Yale University is a new subscriber to Hiperkitap
Yale University Library is a new subscriber to Hiperkitap.

Hiperkitap offers over 10000 e-book titles from different 250 local publishers in Turkey. As a Database, Hiperkitap, which has a very rich content is very useful knowledge resource for university and public libraries. The collection consists of academic and general culture subjects; behavioral sciences, economy, environment, history , humanities, law, literature, management, medical and health sciences, music, philosophy, political sciences, sports.

ANKOS III. National Resource Sharing Workshop, 13-14 Sep 2013
Serdar Katipoğlu and Hayri Yavuz join the workshop. Serdar Katipoğlu was speaker at the e-resource sharing session.
3rd Public Librarianship Symposium - 8 May 2013
Hiperlink joined 3rd Public Librarianship Symposium: Library buildings, planning and interior design. 8-10 May 2013, Bodrum
Hiperlink AnkosLink 24-27 April 2013 Antalya
Turkish Electronic Content
Chair: Turhan Yılmaz , Former Member of ANKOS Steering Committee
Serdar Katipoğlu | Information Manager, Hiperlink
Can Öz | General Manager, Can Publications
Mehmet Fikret Üregen | General Manager, Hukuk Türk