Intellectual Technology and Information Managers Seminar - Ankara University 12 November 2012
Hiperlink presented "Intellectual Technology and Information Managers" titled paper at this seminar. Hiperlink managers has very productive discussion session with students at the end of conference. 50 students have attended from department of information and record management to the seminar.
Today's Libraries Conference - Dumlupınar University 13-14 June 2012
Hiperlink presented "Todays intellectual technologies and academic libraries" title paper at this conference.
12th Ankos Annual Meeting - Fırat University 26-28 April 2012
Hiperlink is a partner of Knovel in Turkey. Hiperlink presented "Knovel for Engineers and Scientists” titled paper at this conference.
Library Conference at Kilis 7 Aralık University
Hiperlink presented "Libraries in Future" at the library conference in Kilis 7 Aralık University.
Opening of Tuzla Municipality Digital Public Library
Tuzla Municipality Digital Public Library has only Hiperkitap e-book database.